Monday, February 21, 2005

Canuck teammate defends Bertuzzi against civil suit

While listening to the FAN 590 in Toronto (via the internet) I found this headline linked to the Rogers Sportsnet website about Vancouver Canucks captain Markus Naslund speaking out from his home in Sweden to the Toronto Globe and Mail newspaper.
"He's suing everyone just so he can make money." - Naslund
says the quote responding to Colorado Avalanche's Steve Moore's involvement into a lawsuit that Moore recently filed against Todd Bertuzzi.

Last year's March 8th incident was, in my opinion, blown way out of proportion by the North American press, involved also the Canadian and NHL legal system to which heavy sanctions were implemented already on Bertuzzi. Hasn't Bertuzzi gone through enough? When will Moore be satisfied for final justice in this case? As I wrote about this a while back, I urged Steve Moore to search for some kind of forgiveness.
"This isn't about the hit," Naslund said of his feelings toward Moore. "Hockey players take hits and give hits."

"This is just a guy who's trying to hit a home run (financially)," Naslund added. "Someone who wasn't good enough to play.

"I'm not saying what (Bertuzzi did) was right. But if it was me, I'd be doing everything I could to get back and play and show everyone the character I have ... Instead of trying to sue everyone."

I don't blame Steve Moore for going after a civil suit. After all, Bertuzzi allegedly took away Moore's livelihood assuming then that Moore cannot play hockey ever again because of the debilitating hit last season. However, having been involved in "money grubbing lawsuits" myself, I am somewhat sympathetic to Bertuzzi hoping that all the parties involved with Moore's injury can just finally heal and move on.
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