Thursday, February 17, 2005

Lemieux and Gretzky to the rescue

As I am watching Sportsbeat with Stan Savran on FOX Sports Net Pittsburgh and one of the guests via the phone was Mark Brender of the Hockey News.

Brender talked about the report in their magazine that they released the story that NHL hockey icons Mario Lemieux and Wayne Gretzky have been trying to talk sense in to the players union salvaging what ever good can come out of the labor talks.

The Hockey News article says that some NHL veterans have called Commissioner Bettman directly to talk about salvaging a chance at the season. Sending the clear signal that the Players' Union is now busted and the Players are individually speaking out, it looks to be that the owners will get what they want and force their $42 million salary cap.
"I don't know if it's necessarily tonight, tomorrow morning, Friday night or Saturday. I know the season has been cancelled, but it's not too late to uncancel it," Steve Yzerman said.

Basically this story is just a sample of the panic of the old players who just don't have enough years left. If the season were to be wiped out, the players get a year older anyway. It's a good try by what should have been started from the beginning where the veterans would lead in good faith and not enter into a war of words through the press.

It's doubtful that Mario and Wayne can reopen the season, but it's a nice try by them to heal the wounds of an ugly labor battle.
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