Tuesday, February 15, 2005

NHL Negotiations Breakthrough !

Well.. it was only a matter of time before Bob Goodenow raised the white flag of surrender and the NHL owners had gotten what they wanted. It might be too late for this year, but it may be a sign for good news that the league will return in the fall of 2005.

According to Yahoo! Sports and The Hockey News, but as of this blog's timestamp so far nothing is updated on nhlcbanews.com. (Which is odd because they were supposed to be the site that got all the information first.)

This signals an absolute and total surrender for the Union management. This latest offer by the NHLPA comes in at a time when yesterday marked the beginning of the end for what has proven to be a long and embarrassing road to financial recovery of the league.
"If the season does end, we can't stop. We have to continue working at this and get it rectified as soon as we possibly can." said Devils' Pres. Lou Lamoriello


The NHL then turned around and rejected the NHLPA offer of a $52 million dollar cap proposed by NHLPA Rep Ted Saskin which also included the 24% rollback in salary.
"It is indeed unfortunate that with the major steps taken by both sides today we were unable to build enough momentum to reach an agreement," said Saskin.

Even after attempts for the league to meet with special U.S. negotiator, they still can not come to terms. The league and union were no doubt treated to the finest hotels in all the best cities to drag this out? It's like a working paid vacation? Sure, I'd love to travel to NY and Toronto twice a month and do absolutely nothing but talk about hockey for 6 months.
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