Monday, March 28, 2005

Individual Efforts Win Championships

Sommer West (#44) has just single handedly won the NWHL for her team, the Toronto Aeros, against the Montreal Axion. She did it all herself by scoring 4 goals in the championship game with her winning shot in 3:49 of the Overtime period.

I don't know about you, but I think that is so bad ass!! I wonder if she's single and likes guys! Sommer's teammates should thank her for her efforts in winning the championship. What makes it additionally special, is that when some of her teammates go to Sweden for the Women's World Championships, Sommer will be watching the games from her home. That's right, the 5'8" 155 lb. Left winger was somehow left off team Canada's roster. I can really admire a gal who's courageous efforts came through to turn a hero from the most unlikely of suspects.

Also a real kick in the pants was that the game was at the neutral venue of Brampton Centre for Sports and Entertainment. The crowd total? 5,223. That's right. A women's game outdrew Ryan Smyth's entire charity series! I wonder how the NHL brass think that a small women's league game outdrew them easily.

I first caught wind of the National Womens Hockey League while using Yahoo!s search engines to see what would come up during my time at work on a boring morning. Anyway, the league is small and there aren't that many teams in it, but with a little attention, perhaps it could have some potential as a compliment to the men's game the way the WNBA is supposed to be.
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