Monday, April 25, 2005

French-Canadian Diva flops on the ice twice in one night

It's difficult to sing the "Star Spangled Banner" in front of thousands of screaming fans in any large sporting venue, but this weekend, Caroline Marcil, needed crib notes to help her sing the American anthem.

Marcil, a native of Montreal, Quebec, was given the honor to traditionally sing the national anthems at the Pepsi Quebec coliseum before a USA/Canada exhibition game. She tried desperately to get the American anthem right after restarting again, but as reported, went off the ice to get some notes. When she returned, faster than you can say "La Resistance" she tripped over the red carpet on the ice and fell down.
"It was a lot of things together, the emotion, the stress," she said, adding that the crowds booing made things worse. "That made me completely blank," she said.
According to the report. The hockey game began without either countries Anthem sung.

I doubt that the crowd was booing her. My best guess was that the ignorant Quebecers in the crowd was booing the Americans through their anthem. Less we forget the ugly incident in Montreal in 2003 when the Pres. of the Canadiens had to apologize for their fans.

Caroline Marcil was then invited to try again on Monday morning on the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) Good Morning, America and is also reportedly to have sung the American Anthem beautifully and flawlessly. In that, I believe she got her redemption. This quote in broken English tries to show her sincerity
"I wanted to do it," she said in accented English. "And to show I was able to do it. I go get my words and -- I'm going to do this song. I have to."

[Via Yahoo! News & CNEWS Canada & LCN(French)]
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