Thursday, April 28, 2005

NHLPA Drafts Legal Motions of their Own

The NHLPA found a way to gum up the works today by filing legal motions in both Quebec and British Columbia courts hoping that they might be more sympathetic to their cause.

With Canadian rules stating that in the B.C. and Quebec provinces there cannot be strikebreakers or scabs of any kind, it blocks a notion that might prove costly for the NHL GM's. Either that, or they might get Vancouver and Montreal hating them even more!

Of course,.. such a move doesn't scare Bill Daly much. He's a bad ass. Just look at the pictures he's taken. No smiles on that guy!
"We believe these petitions are inconsistent with both the history and the reality of collective bargaining in this industry, and that the NHLPA's act of filing the petitions is inappropriate and in violation of its obligations under applicable labor legislation in the United States and Canada," NHL chief legal officer Bill Daly said. "Obviously, we will take appropriate steps to preserve and protect our rights. Ultimately, these filings will have no impact on the leagues business alternatives going forward."
Yup, so either the NHL won't start on time again or the Canucks and Canadiens will play every game on the road. Or somehow they will dissolve the teams all together. Yea! That'll work!

NHLPA, you really don't want to go down this road! It's a losing proposition. Unless of course, you're taking the "salt the fields of Carthage" approach. If you can't win, then distroy everything so nothing ever again grows.
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