Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Behind the Times-News - Oops!

It took an IM from a dear friend in Ottawa and a sleepless night surfing around to see all of the other blogs in the blogosphere that I never knew had links to my blog to feel that I've been lacking on some of the stories in hockey that are worth talking about and blogging about.

I'm not going to make excuses on my lack of desire to make a new entry for each news rumor or story that comes down the pike. Just be satisfied by "oops!" Here's a digest of some of the things that have been going on in Hockey.

I want to congratulate the Trenton Titans as the 2004-05 Kelly Cup Champions of the ECHL. What's fascinating about these guys is that they are affiliated with the Philadelphia Phantoms and Flyers. It looks like the Flyers will be the team to look out for in the future with some great young prospects winning all kinds of championships.

Did you hear about the incident coming out of Austria The Hockey News Heatley v. Vokoun? Apparently, Heatley called the opposing goaltender in the final minutes of the 2005 World Championships "a f--- Czech" to which Vokoun responded with "you should be in jail". Vokoun tried to apologize, but Heatley wasn't about to listen.

Mario Lemieux got to the media again releasing a Investors show interest headline. Don't get scared - Mario pulls this stunt every 2 months to scare somebody into making progress with a new Pittsburgh Arena deal.
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