Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Cam Neely is Now a Hall of Fame Member

Okay, what is there left for Boston to whine about now? The Red Sox are World Series Champions and today, Cam Neely was selected to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Cam Neely, a player who's career was cut tragically short, was for a long time believed to be one of the premier wingers in a long history of forwards in Bruins uniforms. Neely suffered a hip injury in the 1991 playoffs, but could never really recover.

Critics say that Neely's career didn't deserve a Hall of Fame vote because of the length of time that Neely was on top of his game. But the more years that went bye, hockey writers and fans continued to add to the Cam Neely lore by insisting that it was worth a Hall of Fame vote.

Of course, now if Neely's career is a Hall of Fame worthy, I can think of another Bostonian that would now qualify.
Among those eligible not selected for induction were Glenn Anderson, Steve Larmer, Dino Ciccarelli, Kevin Lowe and Doug Wilson.
Of course, I'm going to get hell from some of the other blogs and writers, but Kevin Stevens enjoyed a few years and two Stanley Cups playing in Pittsburgh before a tragic injury cut his career shorter. (i.e. falling face first on the ice along the boards behind the net.)

Valeri Kharlamov and Murray Costello, a Russian national player in '72 and a President of the CHA were the other two names inducted to the hall of fame this year. Kharlamov was famous for suffering a broken ankle by Hall of Famer Bobby Clarke.

The ceremony will be Nov. 7th.
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