Wednesday, June 01, 2005

IHA - Hockey League for Mayor Giuliani ?

If there was a Commissioner of a Pro Sports League that would know how to get things done, it would be Rudy! He took charge of New York after 9-11 by being very open and accessible to the media as a leader. He became "America's Mayor".
Tentatively called the International Hockey Association, the league would rely on Giuliani’s New York consulting company to help raise as much as $5 billion (U.S.) in seed money for the upstart league, according to a 71-page business plan reviewed by the Toronto Star and circulated to prospective Wall Street investors including Goldman Sachs & Co. and Allen & Co.
This new idea being tossed around is intriguing because Mayor Rudy is widely known for being fiscally responsible. An out of control league like the NHL has with their rising salaries, this IHA would be a good start for an alternative.

If this takes off, I see this reaching a level of what the old International League and Central Leagues are now. However, a pro league operated by corporate businesses would be like an NHL with 30 Toronto Maple Leafs. As long as the team turned a profit, then they would be happy, who cares if there is mediocrity on the ice! If anything else develops on this story, I would be surprised.

[Via: Toronto Star, & Yahoo! News]
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