Friday, July 22, 2005

The Natural Order Of Things

So, just how much does this look natural?I'll admit that I was really skeptical at first when the Draft order was going to be announced. I even had an dream like omen a few days ago that I saw Crosby in an Oilers jersey. I had my computer simulate a Crosby Rangers jersey just in case. But, when I heard the news break over the radio, I pumped my fist and shouted my lungs. I even hit my steering wheel a few times.

Of course, I'm going to be gracious to my readers in Ontario and B.C., but the one thing that makes me really glad is that I got one over on Jimmy "fertile mind" Mirtle and told him on his well written blog numerous occasions that Crosby was coming to Pittsburgh months ago. Just deal with it!

I checked the other teams message boards, and I was really glad to see that the Maple Leafs were gracious in their positions. I guess that they were glad that Crosby didn't go to New York City or Montreal. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the cussing, hate and anger vibes you might be feeling is coming from the Capitals fans. Their fans on that board haven't been the least bit corrigible. They've only been able to muster up any kind of conspiracy nut ideas and puff up Ovechkin even more.

Now the Penguins have taken huge leaps to regaining their elite team status they once held in the beginning of the 90's. With future stars Whitney, Malkin, Orpik, and Fleury to grow with the team, it's going to be a possibility that the Pens are on the rise to bigger and better days.

Look for news about a new arena being built here in Pittsburgh sometime soon. The new stability of the team. Selling the team to advertisers and investors is going to prove easier. Watch also for the slots gambling license to come into full few soon.

Of Course, Crosby may decide to "pull a Lindros," but it's unlikely. With French-Quebec native Mario Lemieux mentoring him, who could pass up that chance? I think Gretzky could have done a good job, but in the end, he'd be more comfortable with Mario at his side.

HA HA! I got one over on Mirtle!!
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