Wednesday, July 20, 2005

NHL suitors: Four USA TV Networks

The great blog The Puck Stops Here has seemingly disseminated the story that the news website MediaWeek reports the NHL is talking to 4 TV networks for a national broadcasting contract.

Outdoors Network (OLN), Viacom's Spike TV, TNT, and ESPN are all supposedly getting the pros and cons of carrying the load to help bring back the NHL on a national level in the US.

ESPN - It has the experience and recognition. US hockey fans know what they're getting and for me personally, I'm really missing NHL 2night (the US version of HNIC) with Barry Melrose and John Buccigross. Of course, ESPN would just dust off all the old personalities. Bill Clement hasn't done anything in a long time.

Outdoors Network - What is normally known as a hunting and fishing channel, this would be a really interesting partnership. I don't really see how OLN could bring the NHL back because it's not really carried on everybody's basic cable service package you would have to get Comcast. It's a nice idea to extend and grow the channel brand.

TNT - Ugh! More for Billionaire Ted (Turner) to stick his grubby hands in. TNT is already up to their behind in Charles Barkley and the NBA. Can they cut back the NBA coverage to support a NHL playoff run?

Spike TV - It's another interesting choice. They're going to be scraping the bottom of the barrel once the WWE leaves their contract. Spike TV, billed as "television for guys", will be just wall to wall Star Trek: TNG and a little show called MXC. If the NHL wants a new start with a fresh network to grow with, Spike TV is certainly it!

I chose to make a post about this, rather than everybody talking about Sidney Crosby this week. (Everybody has a post about him today it seems like!)

[Via: MediaWeek]
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