Sunday, July 17, 2005

NHL Marketing Plan: Downsize!

With thanks to my friend Erin, I was notified about the upcoming draft plans marked for the Westin Hotel in Ottawa, ON July 30th. This is a giant step up considering the rumors that the draft was going to be held by a joint teleconference call. "Uh, yea, Hi. I'm Gary Bettman, can I use your Kinkos video conference machine?"
"The league wants to keep it on a smaller scale because everything is going to have to be pulled together in a week," a league source said yesterday.
Oh, is that their excuse? Perhaps the league didn't want another PR problem by having the fans boo constantly. Did you ever stop to think of the backlash some anrgy fans would display? I happen to remember watching the past three drafts on TV and hearing the fans disrespect Mr. Bettman each time he spoke.

The whole capital of Canada is really upset at the notion that the scaled down presentation won't be good enough to play up to the media. Judging by the NHL reaction, the powers that be decided that coming to terms on how much they've ruined their image, perhaps a smaller scaled venue was in order.

They're right! After the "scorched earth" policy during the CBA war, it seems as if they realize that a second tier status has now been assumed and it's going to have to build back up to what they once were. You can't judge the relation of the fans in Ottawa to what's left of the fans in North America.
If that's not enough, the league is also planning to hold the draft lottery in private next Thursday in New York.
IN PRIVATE!!! Quick! Call the Mounties and armed guards and watch every move these people make! The fix is in! Who knows what might happen behind the closed doors of a meeting to determine where Crosby is going. Mark my words. If the NY Rangers get the first pick, the lottery was rigged! I want to see it on TV and have a certified unbiased witness there.

But my favorite remark for comedic relief comes from arch-villain, Flyers Pres. & GM Bob Clarke regarding the decision to weight the draft lottery.
"My preference would have been for everybody to be treated the same, but we've heard that just isn't going to happen. But that's all right. There's no point in worrying about it or complaining about it."

[Via: Ottawa Sun]
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