Saturday, July 30, 2005

NHL Draft 2005 - Live Via Some Hotel in Ottawa

It's official. The Sidney party can begin. Mario was up on stage with Crosby to give him his first official jersey and trucker hat. He looked to me to have a little stage fright at first with the millions of flash bulbs going off all at once. Mario and Craig Patrick were all smiles.

The Draft in Pittsburgh was simulcast on FOX Sports Net and only covered about the first 15 picks they could in the hour they allotted. After that, they moved on to Women's Beach Volleyball. On any other given day, I wouldn't mind seeing female athletes in speedo bikinis, but today, I want to see the rest of the first round! I went to my computer and luckily enough found the link on the NHL website to allow the streaming video and finish out the first round.

Why are you such a duchebag, James Duthie? He interviews the Canucks first rounder "You've been scouted as having a hard shot. Have you had the radar measure the numbers?" Luc Bourdon, a polite QMJHL prospect, ducked the question opting for the diplomatic response. If that wasn't good for Duthie, he has to follow up with this annoying attempt "So which is it 101? 98?". Obviously, he doesn't know Duthie - move on! Does this qualify for journalism in Canada?

For those of you watching on TSN in Canada, you probably saw my uncle carrying the Capitals jersey up like it was a folded flag. I hope they got his good side!

Jeff O'Neill was traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs as was announced by the Commissioner Gary Bettman. Jeff wanted to play for his hometown team and now it looks like he's going to get that chance.
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