Friday, August 05, 2005

Crosby's American TV Debut

Expecting a short interview, Sidney Crosby came out to a real pleasant reception with the house band playing the ESPN soon to be defunct NHL 2night theme song. Crosby's appearance must have been strategic to show up on that particular day. He was the biggest guy on the show, but then most people tower over Rob Schneider.

Jay Leno, the show's host, kidded around with Crosby's upbringing, giving him an opportunity to display what his life was like before the current hype. They showed old pee-wee league footage of him scoring goals with NHL talent even then. The Tonight Show also showed a picture of the Crosby family clothes dryer. The black scuff marks showed that it took quite the bruising.
"Oh, Mom, I'm making millions now. I got you a new dryer," Leno said in mimicking Crosby.
They also closed the segment with a stock footage of an old Pittsburgh tourism reel. Then they wanted to try and duplicate the clothes dryer stunt by shooting pucks into an actual open dryer. So, the first few shots were practice, but he did get to nail one of the last shots causing a mock red light to go off.

You're gonna like it here in Pittsburgh, Sidney. Give me a call. I'll hook ya up and show you around town sometime! *wink*

Rogers Sportsnet
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