Saturday, August 06, 2005

Penguins Sign Palffy

To hockey fans, the world is crazy and just doesn't make sense anymore. Since 12 noon on August 1st, NHL fans have been witness to one of the craziest off seasons in history. Players have moved around signing where they may be needed and some other even given the key to their own destiny.

Such is the case with Zigmund Palffy (seen at right), who spent time with the Islanders and Kings. Today, Palffy signed a 3 year deal worth 13.5 million dollars. As a fast skating forward, he has the best chance to clean up more goals with similar speedy winger Konstantin Koltzov. His role may be expected to be like that of Alex Kovalev who was speedy and had an excellent shot.

This is an amazing signing for a team who was once on their last legs and playing their way out of the city. The Penguins will be a force in the Atlantic Division once again.

Of course, I'm excited too because Palffy is from Skalica, Slovakia.

[Via: Rogers Sportsnet]
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