Tuesday, August 09, 2005

eBay Auction Tests Leafs Fans Dedication

Do you have $125,000 (CDN) I could borrow?

The famous internet auction website eBay is advertising an auction by a Ontario businessman who is offering his seats at the Air Canada Center. As of this publication time, there have been no offers.

Using the idea that Maple Leaf Season Tickets are hard to come by, Todd Frankland is selling his seats located two rows from the net on the Platinum Restaurant side. He lists his history as his family once owning seats at the historical Maple Leaf Gardens since the 40s.

The Canadian Press has picked up on the auction and will no doubt pick up some free publicity. According to the Toronto Sun article, Todd Frankland said that he plans to use the money to support his Brampton manufacturing business.

If you miss the first auction that ends at 1pm on August 18th, you can still secure the second pair of tickets auctioned off when that ends 4pm August 25th.

eBay page

[Via: The Globe and Mail & Toronto Sun]
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