Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Martin St. Louis is a Rich Man!

Hey, St. Louis, can I borrow $50?

The Tampa Bay Lightning decided that the 2003-04 NHL Hart Trophy Winner (MVP) was deserving of a pay raise. What comes as a shock as to just how much of a raise that Jay Feaster was going to throw at the up and coming hockey star.

Martin St. Louis signed today a 6 year deal netting a $31.5 million dollars. This is an incredible amount of money to a player post salary cap NHL. I guess it was around for the taking considering the salary dump that Khabibulin created when he was given to the Blackhawks. Keeping the core team together was important signing Lecavalier, Richards and Andreychuk to rich contracts.

St. Louis proved to be a playoff hero scoring 24 points (9-15) in 23 playoff games in Tampa's Stanley Cup run. Martin is considered to be a core member of the team and is very much loved and respected in his Laval, PQ hometown.

[Via: FOX Sports]
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