Thursday, August 25, 2005

Luongo's Greed Comes Back in Arbitration Karma

You probably won't find a more laughable situation down in the Sunshine state these days. Expecting a big payday, Roberto Luongo tried to angle himself for a bigger payday knowing he carried the Florida Panthers to more games than they should have won. Plus, who else gets to brag that the NHL made a rule just because of him?

Luongo turned down a 25 million dollar contract offer from the quickly rebuilding Panthers. The idea is that Luongo is more valuable to them now that they are looking more and more likely to contend for the Southeast Division title. So, $25 million dollars just wasn't enough for you, Luongo?

I am not the least bit sympathetic to greedy million dollar athletes. And stories like this one that "sticks it to the man" is priceless in my book. Luongo had 25 million and now has to settle for $3.2 million this year. He's probably likely to act like that isn't enough to feed his family. He could decide to use a page from the Derek Bell "Opperation Shutdown" playbook that Pittsburghers are so familiar with.

Story Developing....

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