Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Best Worst Hockey Team in Northeastern U.S.

Since things have been kinda slowed down in the NHL free agent frenzy, I guess I should go back to doing what I promised during the lockout. Hockey coverage is not just the NHL, but other teams and leagues that you may not care or hear about.

I met up with a great young lady tonight in Newport, RI, who is a big Steelers and Penguins fan. She seemed very nice! After I had gained a little more trust after my introduction, she told me a little bit more about herself and the college that she goes to.

Salve Regina University is a very small private school with only 2,400+ in the New England area with many diverse interests. Okay, I'm not employed by the Alumni Ass'n, so I'll just skip ahead to the good part.

The amazing thing is that despite the small enrollment, they do have a lot of athletic teams. But they aren't very good. Their uniforms and logo can be seen here on either corner of this blog entry. I was told by this friend that she had a chance to play goalie for the women's team. So, I went to their page and saw that the team has only one 2 games in their brief existence. They lost every game last year getting shelled by an average 6 goals or more. The men's team fairs a little bit better, but still isn't a contender. 39-52-6 over four seasons. The interesting thing about this upcoming schedule is that they'll be taking on the SUNY Geneseo Knights, another favorite small school of mine, this coming January.

Good luck, Salve Regina U. My Our Lady bless you with strength and courage.
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