Sunday, September 18, 2005

Boys! Girls! Hit the showers!

When will Canada realize that maybe they are just toooooo open minded? To my loyal Canadian readers, I still love you guys. I believe that the majority of you are still with the rest of the sane world.
"It was just a matter of time," Emlyn said. "There are too many girls playing hockey -- it was inevitable."
The most ridiculous lawsuit of the century I thought was going to be settled somewhere in America (in Southern California to be exact). I was wrong. Apparently a B.C. court a hockey mom, Jane Emlyn of Lumby, in the Okanagan Valley, filed suit to the human rights mediator claiming that the sub-standard conditions for co-ed hockey teams discriminated against her young daughter.
Emlyn lodged a complaint because she felt her 14-year-old daughter Jewel's rights were violated when girls were barred from using the same changing rooms as the rest of their minor league hockey teams.
She argued they missed out on important coaching sessions, as well as team camaraderie. She also said girls occasionally had to use substandard facilities, such as boiler rooms and referee rooms, when separate changing rooms weren't available.
What camaraderie? The right to get your ass slapped by a wet towel?

Don't get me wrong, I'm always all for equal funding for teams. Instead, pass a law and grant rinks all over Canada money to build separate locker rooms for those facilities that haven't already upgraded. Makes more sense, I think. Since we are dealing with young juniors, wouldn't it be better for all the boys from both teams use the visitors rooms and all the girls get the home facilities. There! Problem solved.

[Via: Edmonton Journal]
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