Monday, September 26, 2005

Burk Batty Over "My NHL"

"Who is it among this healthy and vibrant and thriving population that has time to take a month off from what they're doing to protest anything? Who's got that kind of time? Life's losers have that kind of time, but nobody else does." - Rush Limbaugh
Okay, so he really wasn't addressing the new Martha Burk news, but I think it fits quite nicely here.

Martha Burk, famed for drawing attention to the Masters Golf Tournament, has gotten a new bug up her ass after being told that the new NHL promotional advertisements containing a lingerie clad woman helping a hockey player get dressed "for battle".

With the NHL turning to Hollywood producers to hype their league's image controversial in itself, Martha Burk is said to begin a protest campaign to pull the first installment of the "My NHL" from airing on NBC and in local markets where the bare chested guy is customized in each of the 30 jerseys for the corresponding market.

I wonder if Martha has actually seen the ad promo before criticizing it like I did? Does she know that there is a group of women fans in the hockey universe affectionately called "puck bunnies". I've seen them. There is even communities of fans on the internet that write fiction and share their fantasies talking about all the players they find good looking. Perhaps the "Inside the Warrior" spot may reflect a fantasy of theirs?

If you don't believe that, then read the scathing remarks that Ms. Nicks wrote in this past Sunday's Ottawa Sun.
There's a distinct difference between an objectionable and a vaguely ridiculous premise. Apparently Ms. Burke lacks the mental capacity to discern which category the ads fall under.
Ooooh! That's just a sample of the backlash contained in the column that you're just going to have to click on and read.


Update: NBC says it won't back down to Ms Burk and plans to run the promo spots in their entirety. [Via: Yahoo! News]
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