Friday, September 09, 2005

Crosby Signs Penguins Contract

The Pittsburgh Penguins held a press conference today to announce that Sidney Crosby signed the pro contract officially, marking the start of his NHL career.

Despite the franchise's position not to release contract specifics, Crosby's salary is set for the rookie maximum of $850,000(US) this year under the new CBA agreement. However, should Crosby reach the All-star game or earn individual trophies at the end of the year, he could double or even quadruple his salary with additional incentives.

Pittsburgh resident Mark Recchi commented on the excitement surrounding the phenom.
"Obviously, all the veterans are going to have to really make sure we protect (Crosby) and make sure that he understands that he doesn't have to be the guy right away," Recchi said. "He can just come in and play, enjoy himself, enjoy his first year in the NHL, and we're there to help him, whatever he needs. We'll help him off the ice. He's living with Mario, so that's going to help him right there. On the ice, we've obviously got to do a good job, the 12 forwards have to do a good job to make sure he's not expected to be the guy to carry the load at that young age."
Okay, elitist journalists and jealous Canadians everywhere! Now's the time to officially envy the Penguins! Go ahead and vent on how much Pittsburgh supposedly doen't deserve him, that they can't market the greatest player, etc. Honestly, that crap is getting old, people! He's here to stay in Pittsburgh so get used to it.

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
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