Thursday, September 29, 2005

Patron Saint Day is Remembered

Instead of the usual post that I always do every year on Sept. 29th about the University in Toronto, I have instead chosen to talk briefly about another school honored to be named after my patron saint.

St. Michael's College can be found in Colchester, VT and has a very small enrollment of about 1,900 students. As a private school that is located near Burlington, it's studies mainly constitute as a liberal arts college billed as "a vibrant place to be". From the school's website it does look like it has a honored tradition and wears the moniker the Purple Knights.

The school does have a lot of athletic teams despite the very small enrollment. Of course, it has the men's and women's hockey teams. Unfortunately, they weren't very successful last year, but in previous years the men's team held tournament and ECAC Div. 2 championship honors. Both the men and women play in Cairns Arena.

I wish them all great luck in this upcoming season and hope that they be mindful of the University's name by representing it with pride, honor, and courage.
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