Monday, October 31, 2005

Hockey Halloween !

In addition to subjecting you to the ridiculous bozo to the right, I have chosen to celebrate All Hallowed Eve with some scary thoughts!

1.) NHL on OLN. Seriously, this is turning into one big PR disaster. Sure, they mean well, but they couldn't find more names than that on their studio team? Plus, the OLN production isn't up to par of what we NHL fans are used to these days.

2.) Getting fined for speaking your mind! The OLN crew had some things to say during tonight's intermission about the fines that have been levied out against Babcock and Quinn for badmouthing the league.

3.) THE PENS ARE LOSING! Oh God! Will the horror ever stop???!

4.) Jagr is a League Leader? Half a step away from leaving the NHL, everybody's favorite head case is one of the new NHL's league leaders in goal scoring with 12 for the season and second with 19 points.

5.) Nashville Predators go on an undefeated streak! Yes, one of the least likely teams to have this much success during the old NHL era, the Preds have put up a really impressive run. My congratulations to Kariya and Co.
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