Monday, October 31, 2005


So says the NHL front office, who recently sent down a fine to the Toronto Maple Leafs coach for supposed "controversial" comments that criticized some of the drastic changes to the NHL's play.
"Where it is right now, in spite of everybody saying 'Oh, I love the new game,' I don't love the new game," Quinn said. "I don't think it's hockey. It's special teams situations and we've got gimmicks to decide games.

"It's totally different. You're not going to see the physical playoff style if everybody is afraid of penalties. So far, we've won our games on special teams and we've lost our games on special teams. Five-on-five is like the dodo bird."
Man, he's hit it on the head there! I don't know if I'm watching the Leafs, Penguins, or the MODO! The one thing that really appealed to a Yankee American about this sport was the hard hitting and the on-ice collisions that helped the action and allowed ACTUAL DEFENSE IN THE GAME! Agreed, the players should not be allowed to hook and pull down players, but the rest of the game is handcuffed to the fear that if you should look at another player wrong, you’ll get 2 minutes.

I think the pendulum has swung back too far in favor of a more open ice game. Is it just me or has teams figured out that the crackdown on obstruction can increase the number of dives taken? Players know! In the games that I’ve watched, all you have to do is take a bump and flail your arms out. Congrats, you’ve just earned your team another power play. "The next one" Sidney Crosby has figured this out. In a game against the Florida Panthers, he alone created 6 power play opportunities.

So what if Quinn bad mouths the league? Ever hear about "no such thing as bad publicity"? The NHL is fighting for attention on the national stage, so why not encourage the players and personalities to let it all fly! Be controversial! Get the media attention!

Another thing about this is that I am really upset that people cannot speak their minds to the press these days. Even if it's to the extreme with non-politically correct, you should be able to say what you want and when you want without fear of losing a significant chunk of change. Agree with Quinn or not, I believe he should express his feelings. It's a new game to him and he's obviously struggling on how to come up with defensive strategies.

Here in the States, we're subjected to the NHL's top 3 ass kissing douche bags. Keith Jones, Pierre McGuire, and Bill "lips wrapped firmly around the Avalanche and Flyer collective buttock" Clement on OLN. They talked about the fines during the intermission and like the propagandists that they are, they all commented together about how people shouldn’t talk negatively in favor of a more "friendly" sound bytes. Clement pushed this analogy; "Don’t poison your own drinking water". That’s lame. They even decided to pile on the free thinking Coach Quinn and with borg-like mentality suggested that this is the "dinosaurs" venting their frustrations while the other coaches focus on winning.

So, I’ve come out and criticized the league in support of a more balanced game. If you don’t like how I’ve said it, then you know what you can do!

[Via: Yahoo! Sports]
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