Thursday, November 03, 2005

Demers Admits He Doesn't Read My Website

Plus, he probably couldn't read any of the names on the Cup trophy that he's holding above his head in 1993. Demers has announced to the public that he has been a functional illiterate throughout most of his career.
He was able to hide his illiteracy from all but a few people by asking secretaries and media relations people to write letters for him, claiming his English wasn't good enough.
But after the small chuckle and the shock of the news has worn off, Former Coach Demers has more to tell in a book published with the name Jacques Demers: En Toutes Lettres [All Spelled Out].

Demers recalls his tragic life story of how he and his mother were physically abused when he was young. He credits this as the catalyst to his now current problem. He says that anxiety of what was going around him prevented him from getting an education.

Since then, the former NHL coach of the Canadiens, Lightning, Blues, and a few others had this uplifting comment on what he feels like today.
"I have no problem saying what I wanted to say. That's what I needed," he said. "I've been carrying this all my life. I succeeded, and I'm telling people 'you're capable of doing something in your life even if you have some big handicaps.' "
Currently, Demers has been working as an analyst for the French-Canadian network RDS the past 4 years.

[Via: USA Today]
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