Monday, November 07, 2005

Alfredsson: "I'm So Hot !"

Living the good life in Ottawa during the post-Martin era can be euphoric for some of the Senators players. One of them enjoying the new found surge in goal scoring is the Sens captain Daniel Alfredsson.
"I wouldn't say I'm a natural scorer," he said during a league conference call. "I'm extremely hot right now and I'd like to keep it going."
And certainly who wouldn't be? He's got the long golden locks, the fashionable yellow and blue "triple crown" jersey. He's the kind of hockey player that all the puckbunnies scream for!

Alfredsson's numbers: 14 goals 12 assists in 13 games. That's pretty darn good!

Not only that, but I wanted to taunt Mr. Golbez with an "eeeeeeeeevil" Swede enjoying success.

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