Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Penn State Hockey: Slipping off the Mountaintop ?

Penn State Hockey may not be the biggest cash cow in the world of University sports, but it quietly has amassed a large following among the students. It's been the dominant club in the ACHA for over 10 years. The mens team is a solid squad with a coach that's just as legendary as that guy who coaches football. Joe Battista has 400+ wins in his career and has helped bring many National Championships and in 02-03 they dominated with 19 straight wins! The Womens team have always been able to dominate their competition. They perform consistently over rivals Pitt and Buffalo U. I've seen the Lady Icers up close having worked for them on a few years ago.

However, all good things must come to an end. I've been wanting to write about these teams for a while, but I see that the NCAA Hockey branch of Yahoo! Sports has syndicated articles that the Icers teams have not put together their winning the way they used to.

The Men Icers split their series to their rival Ohio U. this past weekend. The Lady Icers dropped both games to the Norwich University Cadets. This is NOT ACCEPTABLE people! I haven't gotten to see this years crop of students, so my assessment would be a little handicapped.

The teams are still in good shape though. The Men Icers are ranked #4 (7-4-2) this season and will most likely hold on for another National Tournament run. The Lady Icers are (4-5,3-3) in the ECWHL this year.

[Via: Yahoo Sports & Yahoo! Sports]
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