Friday, December 16, 2005

Assistant Captain Crosby

I didn't want this to turn into just a Pittsburgh Penguins blog, but since the big hockey news just happens to be coming out of Pittsburgh, you can bet that I'll have something to say about it.

New Coach Michel Therrien has announced this afternoon that rookie phenom Sid Crosby will be the new assistant captain to the Pittsburgh Penguins when they take on the Buffalo Sabres this weekend. Through his broken English and French accent, Coach Therrien said:
"I really believe this is a new beginning for our team," Therrien said. "He is one of our best players. I am not afraid to give him - I don't think it'’s pressure because, eventually, it'’s going to be Sidney'’s team. Sid has some good veterans to work with. He has Mario [Lemieux], Mark Recchi, John LeClair, Lyle Odelein. We have a core group, but I want Sid to learn from those guys. He is a young kid, but sometimes a young kid has good, new ideas."
This move just solidifies the idea that this is Crosby's team. Crosby responds to the honor in this way:
"It'’s great for the coach to show that I have that responsibility. I feel pretty honored," Crosby said. "I take it pretty seriously. I will try to do a good job making sure I show leadership."

"It'’s something that'’s nice to have. It'’s a challenge and motivates you that much more. I am more than happy to have it."
Did you count how many "I"s were used in those quotations? This concerns me. It's not his typical wash of ready made media clip cliches. And certainly what boggles the mind is that the Official Penguins Website published this.

Mario Lemieux will continue to wear the "C" while the other assistant "A" will be Mark Recchi.

[Via: Pittsburgh Penguins Official Site]
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