Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Lemieux Hospitalized with Heart Irregularity

After taking morning skate Wednesday, Mario Lemieux was admitted to a Pittsburgh hospital for observation. He has been diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat. Once thought Lemieux was having flu-like symptoms which already caused him to miss a game this season, it is not known if complications have caused this current ailment.

Already, the news is provoking similar concerns like Jiri Fischer collapsing on the bench after having heart problems.
"We thought the best precaution was to have him enter the hospital for observation," [GM Craig] Patrick said.
It has already been determined that Lemieux will miss the Thursday night game against the Minnesota Wild.

Also in question is a position on the Team Canada squad that will play in the 06 Olympics. Lemieux was supposed to have a meeting in Pittsburgh this Saturday with Gretzky to discuss the roster appointment. Leading the team of Canadian NHL All-Stars now seems to be in jeopardy.

[Via: Yahoo! Sports]
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