Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Blogger's Hard Hitting Interview on "Hockey Fanatic"

I think I know who is going to be on top of Santa's "Nice List" this holiday season! Even after he checks it twice!

Most of my readers already recognize the young lady on the right as the author of the "Behind the Blog" series. Despite her arduous Michigan U. finals schedule, she maintains a hockey blog that focuses on the Detroit Red Wings. She also took on the task of sending out questionnaire interviews to all the noted hockey bloggers and posting the results on her page.

When it came time to take my turn on the hot seat, Miss Christy asked some really thought provoking questions. It makes me wonder what she's doing wasting her time on pre-med classes when clearly her talents are geared towards sports journalism. You can read the interview in it's entirety from the link at the bottom of this entry.

I don't often like the "mutual admiration society" cliques that the hockey blog networks are shaping into, but stay tuned to this page to see what happens when the profile focus is shifted back onto Christy. Surely, I'm not the only one who's wondering what makes her tick!

[Via: Behind the Jersey]
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