Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Not So Fast Penguins Haters !

Just as the collective orgasm over all the Penguins haters who want to see the Pens contracted or moved over the news reports that Mario vented his frustrations on getting something accomplished, KDKA-TV investigative reports say that there is definite progress being made in making a new arena a reality.
Under an "agreement of terms" reached yesterday with city and county leaders, the Penguins will get development rights to the current Mellon Arena site if the team can come up with $300 million to build a new arena.
It looks as if Mario's "scare 'em up good" strategy is working again. Not sooner did Mario run to the press with a message of "no confidence" did the city move their efforts to get closer to the funding of a new arena for the city.
As KDKA first reported two weeks ago, the Pens are actually close to naming a partner to apply for a slots license. As part of their application, this as yet unnamed partner will agree to use gambling proceeds to build a new arena for $300 million.
I suspect that this "unnamed partner" will be Ted Arneault owner of the Mountaineer Race Track and Gaming Resort, but that's purely educated guessing on my part.
Pittsburgh's Sports and Exhibition Authority is expected to approve this agreement during a vote later this week; but ultimately, the deal depends on the Penguins' partner getting the slots license.
That should be the easy part, no? If the deal hinges on getting the slots license, what are the real chances this could all be pulled out from underneath them?
For now, though, sources tell KDKA that Lemieux is satisfied that progress is being made.
Translation: "Okay, I'll shut up with the doom and gloom for now, until the next time I see you people slacking off!"

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