Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Don't Panic! The Penguins are Just Fine!

Pittsburgh Penguins Fans!

Do not worry! The Pittsburgh Penguins will indeed win the Stanley Cup this year. They are playing very well and have defeated most of their opponents in the season. We will win the Stanley Cup for very many years to come!

There was no losses in Columbus. We fought them off courageously!

Mario Lemieux is just fine and will be returning very soon! He is very healthy and playing at the top of his game. He just needed time to take off... 'er... um... he wanted to work on keeping the team and building a new arena to play in.

Sidney Crosby is the best rookie and will be awarded many many praises and trophies in the summer. He plays his best every time and is a very happy person!

Our defense is very strong!
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