Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Oilers are Spoilers

The Edmonton Oilers made a rare trip to the 'burgh tonight as they took on the still Lemieux-less Pittsburgh Penguins. After a rough two games against the Atlanta Thrashers, the Pens looked to rebound and sell perhaps a new broadcasting gimmick.

Bob Errey did his color commentary tonight between the two benches and didn't shut up the entire time. In my opinion, he felt it was his duty to relay every little nuance from the ice level that he was missing looking down from the broadcast booth.

Shawn Horcoff single handedly defeated the Penguins with his first career hat trick. He alone scored the three goals necessary to beat a demoralized Penguins team.

After the game, Penguins coach Michel Therrien said this stinging indictment of his defensive players.
“I am not impressed. It’s a pathetic performance. Half of the team doesn’t care,” Penguins coach Michel Therrien said. “That defensive squad; I am really starting to believe their goal is to be the worst defensive squad in the league. They are doing such a great job to be the worst defensive squad in the league. They turn the puck over; they have no vision; they are soft. I have never seen a bunch of defensemen as soft as this.

“There are a lot of guys who don’t care. They pretend to care, but I know they don’t care,” he continued. “What’s the solution? We’re going to find the solution."
The Penguins hope to get back on track with a game tomorrow night against the Columbus Blue Jackets.

For the Penguins fans that think Sid has been a victim of retaliation got more proof tonight. The referees just may have it in for the Penguins star Sid Crosby. Tonight, Sid sustained a split lip due to an inadvertent punch in the face by a linesman.

[Via: Pittsburgh Penguins Official Site]
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