Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I Bet that Tocchet is in Real Trouble

Here's something that you can make book on - the NHL now has a bigger black eye than last year's lockout debacle. Oh, wait. This isn't funny.

Rick Tocchet, a Stanley Cup champion with the Pittsburgh Penguins, was served today with a criminal charge in New Jersey after a gambling ring was busted. Among those also allegedly named is Wayne Gretzky's wife, Janet Jones, and it is believed that allegedly 12 other current NHL players and other celebrities may be involved in the gambling ring.

But Tocchet defends himself to the point where he denies betting on hockey, but claims it was on other sports which is not specifically detailed in the current CBA. Tocchet may have to defend himself to more than just bookmaking. Legal analysts on TV suggest that he faces 10 years in jail for allegedly laundering the money and keeping revenue hidden from the IRS.

The drama of the story is quickly winning over the hockey haters at ESPN flaunting the headline of "Operation Slap Shot" as suggested by New Jersey State Athorities. The odds are that the investigation will grow once the names of the other players involved.

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[Via: Yahoo! Sports]
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