Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Mardi Gras Carnival Time!

Well, it's not exactly the Carnival that the network of hockey blogs are familiar with, but in the spirit of the holiday, I guess I will hit it up with some thoughts about the trade deadline rumors and news now that the NHL is about to get into swing again.

But you don't have to look much closer than Rogers Sportsnet Hockey Hearsay for the news and rumors that sometimes have a leg to stand on - and others are there just for humor.

"The Kovalchick Rule" is now going to be enforced now that it's getting down to the wire and games are going to start checking for illegal sticks. I guess somebody in the front office knows how 'Kovalchick' grabs a new stick at the end of games before the opposing teams can call him out.

The Sens are going to be buyers at the trade deadline on March 9th - weather they like it or not! The rumors in the newspaper have said that Olli Jokinen could come to help support a run for the Stanley Cup and possibly seal a gap between them and the Carolina Hurricanes.

Scratch off another FA bust for the Penguins. Lyle Odelein may decide to hang it up for good after season ending surgery. The 37 year old may not find too many opportunities in the new NHL next season. Could OLN use another analyst?

Could Team Canada start hacking off the top in their international program? More rumors have suggested that Kevin Lowe should take over as GM of Team Canada. This makes sense since he's had experience with a really crappy team and then have shown the ability to make the most of it. I really didn't think that the program would sink that Lowe!
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