Monday, February 27, 2006

Toskala Signs Extension

Since my readership extends to the left-coast, I think I'll make mention here that the San Jose Sharks have signed their backup goaltender Veska Toskala to a two year extension contract.

That is all fine and dandy. But does this mean that the Sharks are telegraphing their future plans. The Sharks have an abundance of goalie talent yet again and are sitting in pole position at the trade deadline. Could this be a sign-and-trade move by the Sharks?

The other goalie in question is Evgeny Nabokov who is no stranger to trade rumors. He led the Russians to the bronze medal game in the Olympics which catches the eyes of all the scouts for sure. I see him maybe getting shopped around before Toskala is.

The Capitals, Canucks, Kings and Avalanche may all be in the market for a new franchise goalie and all have been rumored to deal their own guys.

Think of it this way - Toskala has less miles on him than does Nabokov and I would see them promoting their backup. Here's the career numbers side by side:

NameW-L-TSave %

However, after a late night conversation with a colleague, I was told that Toskala stated on other occasions he may want a chance to be the starter elsewhere and wanted to leave. However, the article that I have used here as my source quotes Toskala as a happy camper.
"It's really nice to have this done before the games start again so we can focus on winning games when we come back," Toskala said. "I love this place and this organization. Especially the goalie coaching I get here. Everything is perfect here."
It's going to be interesting come NHL trade deadline time. I suppose there are plenty of guys around the league who already have their luggage packed and sitting by the exit.

[Via: Rogers Sportsnet]
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