Monday, February 27, 2006

Lemieux has Heart Surgery

I think everyone (well at least the religious among us) should say a prayer and a get well soon wish for one of the NHL's greatest players.

Mario Lemieux underwent heart surgery to correct his ablasia (a chronic condition that causes the heart to beat erratically) and is reported to be in good condition enough so that he can resume day-to-day activities.
Lemieux underwent a procedure known as cardiac ablation. A catheter was inserted through a blood vessel and was used to destroy a small section of heart tissue that was causing the abnormal electrical impulses that disrupt the heart's normal rhythm.
I for one am glad that the surgery went well. It would certainly be tragic to the city who has already lost too many hockey and other sports icons.

Mario is also very active in cancer research. He plays golf once a year in Pittsburgh with other celebrities to raise awareness and money, but no word to incluse ablasia in the Mario Lemieux Foundation.

[Via: Pittsburgh Post Gazette]
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