Friday, February 10, 2006

Olympics Start this Weekend

While NBC is broadcasting the crazy people going down on the slalom by their faces, the USA Network will fittingly be the broadcast home for USA Hockey during the Winter 2006 Olympiad.

How is this to be when NBC was the home of the Olympic coverage. Oh yea! USA Network is owned by NBC-Universal. Their slogan: "Characters Welcome".

The commercials have been run all week promoting the airing of both the mens and womens Team USA. Strangely enough, the commercials featured Mrs. Cammi Granato-Ferraro, wearing the C, who was to my understanding not included on the international team this year. Could they have been using old footage? Was Cammi a late addition to the womens team roster?

Krissy "pretty eyes" Wendell is the captain this time around and will probably be looking forward to the inevitable final showdown with Team Canada. You should also look out for USA forwards Katie King, Natalie Darwitz, and Kathleen Kauth. On defence, the best recognizable name is Angie Ruggiero.

The mens team is a bit of an underdog from goal throughout the roster. I've heard that USA may not have the best goaltenders with Esche, DiPietro, and Grahame. Esche is a little shaky at times against some of the better teams in the league, but when I last checked, the Flyers were doing just fine. John Grahame has also geared up by taking the pipes for Tampa Bay and beat the best NHL team in the Carolina Hurricanes.

I'm not a big fan of the new Nike designs for the smaller cut hockey jerseys. I don't see what was wrong with the styles that they were using for all of the international teams. I won't be spending my hard earned money on this. Team USA starts play this Saturday afternoon with the women's team at 1pm and the mens team on Tuesday afternoon.

Keep coming back here to read my opinion and news regarding the Olympic hockey tournament in the next two weeks. I'll be running updates and feature more about the other countries competing.

The pre-favorites before the tournament begins would be Team Canada and Team Czech Republic. Hasek is playing well and all the Rangers on the Czech team have all the chemistry having played with each other all year. Don't count out my Team Slovakia. Karen Yorio says they have the easiest route in the tournament. Team Italy? Give it your best shot, giocatori del hockey.
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