Friday, March 31, 2006

Five Minute Major for Pillow Fighting?

I've seen some really strange promotions before, but this one is really odd!

The Bakersfield Condors would like their fans to bring a pillow with them to the game. This way, they could go for the Guinness Book of World Records for hosting the world's biggest pillow fight. The current holder set the record almost a year ago in April '05 in the University of Albany.

I guess they thought of a better way to accommodate their fans that fall asleep to the quality of ECHL hockey. But if they are in a more charitable mood, they are invited to donate their used pillows to charity.
Following the pillow fight, fans will be allowed to toss their pillows onto the ice where they will be collected and donated to local charities including the Bakersfield Homeless Shelter, Goodwill and The Salvation Army.

[Via: Official Website]
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