Sunday, March 12, 2006

NY Islanders: "Dude, Somethin' Smells!"

With a tremendous thank you to Mr. Dave Singer for catching this story on his blog website, The Ice Block, he tells the unfortunate turn of events that have befallen the New York Islanders. It was apparently reported on the NY Islanders official web page.

A sewage pipe burst in the Islanders' dressing room at approximately 7:45 on Saturday night. It is the second time broken pipes have caused damage to the Islanders' room in the Nassau Coliseum in the last year. In August the damage was major. This time, the damage was devastating.
So, he's challenged his readers to give the best caption. I'll give you my entries.

  • Finally, all the crap has caught up to the Islanders.

  • Apparently there was a big return on the Alexei Yashin investment. Only this isn't what they expected.

  • The Islanders were so close to the bottom, they could smell it.

  • GM Mike Milbury wanted to know where the next backup was coming from.

[Via: The Ice Block]
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