Monday, March 13, 2006

Alfie and Ovechkin in Brokeback Moment

The Ottawa Sun, the area's best newspaper, has an interesting article about their star player, Daniel Alfredsson, about who he thought was this year's best player in the NHL. Without a second thought he endorsed his fellow European player. This is quite interesting because he chose not to endorse any of his teammates. Instead, he gave these glowing comments about the Capitals' Alex Ovechkin.
"I just think he's got everything you could want. He's a great skater, he's a great stickhandler, good one-on-one and he's got a really good work ethic.

"He's the best player consistently. What he's done with that team? To be able to put up those numbers ... but I don't think he's all about the numbers, either."
What probably went unreported by Chris Stevenson was that Alfie went off by himself in a closet to caress and smell a Capitals #8 jersey on a hanger and mutter "I wish I knew how to quit you!"

Since being emailed this story from a source close to the story, I had heard a little bit about this on the Pittsburgh Penguins Message Board because the story ran deeper than just Alfie and his man-crush on Ovechkin. He had to get his little panties in a bunch by not being able to resist taking a cheap shot at Sidney Crosby.
"Not like the other rookie (Crosby), who starts crying."
Now, the idea that Crosby is a whiner is sensationalized and only perpetrated by those who just don't like all the hype that he's been forced to live up to. But the best read of the day could be found in the united responses found on the Penguins Message Board
"When players bash other players like his, it makes them look like a (bleep)." - Lauren, alleged Crosby Puck Bunny.
But if you think that was good, here's the best response straight from the person that posted the article on the message board.
"You can take it with a grain of salt being that Alfie is about as soft as cotton candy." - regionally unidentified Penguins Message Board Member
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