Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Cuban Investing in the Penguins ?

What seems like a great idea, would really turn some heads in the hockey world. In an email interview to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Cuban tipped his hand and revealed he has an interest in becoming a minority partner in a new group ownership for the Pittsburgh Penguins.
"I have told several people who have contacted me that, although I wouldn't be the lead, or largest investor, I would kick in some money if it would help."
But before the Pittsburgh fans get all excited about the news, Cuban threw out another cold bucket of water with this follow up quote.
"One of the things I have learned and what I told some folks in Pittsburgh who asked me about the Pens is that I don't have the patience or personality to deal with having to fight for a new arena. It's going to take someone who sees value in doing that part of the deal, and that's not my skill-set."
I would hope that Mark Cuban takes this interest in the Penguins seriously as the NHL could use his now-infamous courtside antics in the NBA to garnish the Penguins some publicity as well as help focus attention to the league's best rookie Sid Crosby. Even if it's in some minority ownership role, the Pittsburgh community have always been supportive of one of their own. Cuban, who hails from Mt. Lebanon, garnished his billion dollars from the internet streaming AudioNet is also branching out into Sirius satelite radio with his own Radio Maverick channel.

[Via: Rogers Sportsnet-Hockey Hearsay and Pittsburgh Post Gazette]
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