Wednesday, May 03, 2006

2006 Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions - Round 2

I never felt this way about Hockey playoffs before. I never thought that it was ever going to end. It seemed to lag Did that feel the same way to you? And it looks like I was way far off on some of my predictions in the last round. I shouldn't have doubted Buffalo's resolve. I went 3-8 in correctly predicting the winner. I guess a 37.5% isn't too bad, eh?

Western Conference

San Jose v. Edmonton
The Sharks are really playing like they are going to show up in the Western Conference finals. I'm a believer! But the Oilers are spoilers and are playing with a lot of confidence after taking down the #1 seeded Red Wings. They could easily snuff out the high-octane Sharks with great goaltending. Look for Dwayne Rolson to stand on his head in the series.
Prediction: Sharks in 6

Anaheim v. Colorado
Both teams shocked me that they moved into the second round. I guess it's a good thing that Brian Burke emphasized winning with a defensive core and cut the overhead salaries. Now, Selane is used to winning in a Avs jersey. What he must he be feeling like? The Avs will roll all 4 lines and rely on "Burnaby Joe" Sakic for the offense. They also get Konawalchuk back for this series which will be a big help to them.
Prediction: Avalanche in 7

Eastern Conference

Buffalo v. Ottawa
Well, this is going to be interesting. On the first hand, you have the Goliath in Ottawa with their offense. The little giant-killers in Buffalo have quietly amassed a heck of a season to prove me wrong when the beginning of the season they looked so completely average on paper (and on ice too). Buffalo will out work teams in the corners and pimp slap their opponents with tape-to-tape passing. Is Ottawa's goalie situation going to out match Buffalo's? I have no doubt that Alfie, Spezza, and Havlat will show up for this series.
Prediction: Ottawa in 5

Carolina v. New Jersey
The Devils have tried to win differently than the way they always knew how. They actually play offense and really pressure teams after they get leads. They never let up. And of course, there is the Brodeur factor that knows how to win clutch games. Carolina's offense better get it's act in gear or they're dead in the water. Look for Staal, Weight, and Stillman to step it up and Cam Ward to do his best Brodeur impression.
Prediction: Hurricanes in 7
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