Sunday, May 07, 2006

Taking over the Worlds

With all the attention turned to the NHL playoffs, the hockey players that didn't have anything at stake or wasn't assigned to the AHL playoff teams.

It's the biggest stage of world competition in hockey and it's not played every four years. Plus, what I like about it most, is the number of teams that are involved and qualify. Only the big 8 got to show at the World Cup, but here is where everybody gets a shot and also gains more attention to smaller and up and coming teams like Slovenia and Kazakhstan. Pretty soon, if their programs grow to the success on the national stage, you could see some Slovene players in the NHL.

Group A it's Czech Rep, Finland, Latvia, and Slovenia.

Group B has Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, and Italy.

Group C is with Slovakia, Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan

Group D has Canada, USA, Denmark, and Norway.

It's hard to pick a favorite early when a lot of the best players are still playing in the NHL playoffs, but you got to give the edge to the North American teams who are built for going deep.

Keep checking back here with more news and progress in the tournament.
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