Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Oilers Fans Gone Wild

The Oilers fans are ecstatic that their team is in the second round of the playoffs. They should be after suffering the long drought of inaptitude. But for certain fans in the area, it's a great reason just to party - and GET WILD!

The fan-created website Bluemile.ca* has chosen to post pictures taken at random parties in the city as well as accept other fans' submissions. However, there is now a little bit of controversy as to the content that can be found on the website. It does feature some young women (presumably native Edmontonians) that chose to expose themselves in a not-so socially accepted manner.

So, the website has it's detractors like Shirley Lowe (presumably not related to Kevin), executive director of the Old Strathcona Business Association, thinks the behavior is offensive.
"That'’s just another stupid boy trick. I don't want to pay attention to that," Lowe told The Sun.
But, there are more open-minded fans in Edmonton including an e-mailer to the Sun newspaper.
In an e-mail, Sun reader Terry McGinnis pointed to a landmark 1996 court ruling that found former University of Guelph student Gwen Jacobs did not commit an indecent act by taking a topless stroll one hot summer day in 1991.

"Our friends in Ontario have the right, so if it is good enough for the east, then surely it must be good enough for us," McGinnis wrote. "Go for it girls. Express your rights (and lefts)."
Of course, this behavior is nothing really new. The fans in the same Alberta providence featured some of Calgary's less inhibited female fandimonium during their Stanley Cup finals run with women showing a lot of "patriotism" and "team spirit". In taking a quick peek at their representatives, I give Calgary the edge in claiming the more endowed fans.

No word as of yet if any or websites will get shut down due to it's unauthorized usage of NHL logos and intellectual property.

[Via: CNews Canada Hat Tip: NealeNews.com]

(*=Warning! Some adult content)
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