Thursday, June 01, 2006

Git 'r Done, Stanley Cup!

The Carolina Hurricanes have locked up the Eastern Conference tonight with a 4-2 win against a really tough Buffalo team. The Sabres were leading after 2 periods, but the Canes played their brand of hockey and refused to get beaten up. So, now that Carolina Hurricanes have come into it's own, they have now another hurdle to it's growing pains. So, here's a quick little history lesson for those who might be late to the game.

For a long time, hockey was established in the northern US states and Canada. It took hockey many decades before they decided that the warm sunny California climate belonged in 1967. Oakland bay area didn't quite work out, but Los Angeles had a little more help to be taken seriously. They needed Wayne Gretzky to leave a mark on the franchise. It wasn't until 30 years later that the current NHL commish to expand and orchestrate to Dallas, Miami, Tampa, Phoenix, and Carolinas.

So, hockey has been in the sunny area states and it takes the truly ignorant to see that the NHL doesn't belong in the sun-belt states (Yea, They're talking about you Southeast Division). I've made references to people like this before, but I didn't bother to site my sources when you are supposed to trust me anyway. Even though me and the kook fringe of the Caniac Nation have had our differences, I've always defended them when they came under attack.

After Carolina's win, I found this glittering jewel of ignorance as posted exactly by a fan from Attleboro, MA in a myspace message board dedicated to miscellaneous hockey fans. I am going to repost it here in it's swear-word edited entirety. I want you all to get an up close look at the true bigotry among the fandom. And I think I found someone who can't spell worse than me.
the stanley cup (hockey's holy grail and the greatest trophy in sports) does not belong in a place like carolina. there are players on that team that should get a chance to win it but not with carolina. the biggest problem i have with carolina winning the cup (if they do so) is the stanley cup just DOES NOT belong in the south, the fans don't deserve it and they don't apprecaite it..they could care less about hockey down there. carolina wins the cup and a 2 weeks later nobody there gives a [blank]. the stanley cup belongs only where it will be appreciated and that's either in the north/northest here in the states or canada. i hope to god the oilers win (which they should) so that the cup will be where it belongs..not just canada but somewhere where it's going to be appreciated.
It got like this when the Tampa Bay Lightning were Stanley Cup champions. If that wasn't enough, there is on the same thread from an angry Buffalo Sabres fan who decides that ya'll ain't gonna care in them there Raleigh-Durham.
You said "yall" I can't remember the last time I heard an NHL player say that word in any interview. Go watch NASCAR you hick and leave hockey and the Stanley Cup to northerners that actually care about it! I'm not bitter the Canes won, they were the better team Had they still been in Hartford I'd would have no problems with it. There were 5000+ Sabres fans at each EC Finals game in Raleigh which tells you what NC thinks about their Canes. The Sabres sold out their 3 games in 16 mins! Let the Canes have a bad season then we'll see what the "Caniacs" think of their team.
So, there is the real hate among the people who unfortunatly look down on hockey becoming a global sport. Don't doubt me again people in cities hockey culture-rich franchises. Garbage like this does go on, but I would prefer to get it stopped.

Like the AQ says: "Screw justice!"

but I want to punch these punks in the face.

[Via: Myspace Groups Hockey Thread]
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