Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hockey Fanatic Podcasting

Wow! Look at this date! It's the last few days in May and it's 90 degrees outside in the Pittsburgh suburbs. They're still playing hockey somewhere!! And as long as there is hockey to be played, I'll still be around as one of the internet's pioneers of hockey blogging. It's my blog's anniversary so, I have to post about it and contemplate the future for this hockey blog and the blogger community.

Can any of the other hockey bloggers say you've been around as long as I have? Nope. But I am really glad to have met a lot of nice people with similar interests. And I'm also glad that I've had the opportunity to network with some legitimate hockey reporters and those that have also done their work in the trenches to call journalism a career.

I would also like to thank my Canadian peers for venturing over to this blog from time to time. It's truly an honor to have your feedback. Hockey seems to be really underrepresented here in the states and to have the game shared with the culture that cares about it most has been really enjoyable. Unfortunately, I don't have too many people in my neighborhood that enjoys hockey like I do.

I can't tell you enough what this game means to me. It's really helped me become an even bigger fan of the game and it's also helped me out to appreciate it more over the years.

So, to start this next year I'm going to debut my new addition to the Confessions of a Hockey Fanatic blog! Podcasting! Actually... I'm going to officially call them "Confessionals"... after all.. that is what this hockey blog is titled!

Please click on this link here to listen to my first "Confessional" podcast.

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