Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Marino, Cuban Chip in Penguins Future

A huge story here in Pittsburgh has brought on the reports that more local heroes have come forward to rescue the Penguins franchise.

Pro football superstar Dan Marino, who played locally both high school and college, is said to be interested with investing a minority share of interest into Andrew Murstein's group. Murstein was the source responsible, according to the article, that released the names of both NBA owner Mark Cuban and Marino.

Marino is a walking icon in the Pittsburgh area. He is greeted warmly every time the CBS analyst made the trip to the 'Burgh. This will only further promote his status in the city among a lot of beloved sports superstars with roots to Western Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, they can't build us a new arena instead. That is where they can use their money the best!

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
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