Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Stanley Cup Dreams

One would guess that a lot of my consumption of one particular hobby would manifest itself into my subconscious already. I've blogged about dreams before. But this time around, it turned out to be one great big epic adventure.

I had this dream that somehow I understood was employed by the Ottawa Senators team. We had just won the Stanley Cup and in my dream, I looked at it with a great idea. Let's take the Cup around to the nearest children's hospital. I don't think in my dream it specified which one, but I just remember in my dream that my motivations were to spread joy and excitement to the people who may need it most.

But here was the catch, I understood that I was kind of "borrowing" the Stanley Cup and that I would stealthily return it after a swift tour through the hospital. The challenge though was to never have the Cup leave my sight. I was solely responsible for it's safety from others in my dream that might have other nefarious plans for it.

There was some close calls as I recall having encounters with the people in my dream, but suddenly panicking to remember where in the dream did I leave the Stanley Cup behind. I imagine that since my tour with the Cup was with the best intentions for charity, the Cup was returned for yet more adventures.
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